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        Document Retention

        Perfect Parts knows that keeping track of all records, suppliers, customers, and transactions is a top priority in record maintenance. With OEM/CM/ medical and defense customers as frequent customers, we know the importance of quality and its possible effects out on the field. What it comes down to is a suppliers knowledge and process of what it takes to maintain only the highest quality supply chain services. We all know is next to impossible without regular and strict maintenance. Hence, we have purchased the best system to track everything from your T's and C's to our suppliers documents and more.


        Continual Improvement

        As an ISO 9001 compliant company Perfect Parts incorporates a system of continual improvement throughout its entire quality system. At every stage in our process we actively improve our processes to better our product and achieve optimal customer satisfaction. Regular audits are conducted and corrective actions are carried out to achieve absolute efficiency in our processes.

        Continual Improvement

        As an ISO 9001 compliant company Perfect Parts incorporates a system of continual improvement throughout its entire quality system. At every stage in our process we actively improve our processes to better our product and achieve optimal customer satisfaction. Regular audits are conducted and corrective actions are carried out to achieve absolute efficiency in our processes.


        Vendor Selection

        Perfect Parts screens all of our vendors using strict guidelines based on certifications, performance, on-time deliveries, and quality history. Regular vendor audits are conducted and and metrics are measured in order to maintain our level of quality and performance for our customers. 


        Quality Assurance

        Perfect Parts is committed to providing only the best products to our customers. Our strict policies ensues our success in our counterfeit mitigation Processes for all clients.  Our first goal is to screen our suppliers heavily. Many companies today think it is safe to purchase parts from areas of the world which are flooded with counterfeit components, Perfect Parts takes double measures prior to importing material into the USA. Perfect parts tests the material at not one but two reputable test houses to ensure that the tests have a corresponding outcome. When Perfect Parts knows that the material is scarce or critical we take the extra measures to ensure your products are up to manufacturer specifications. 

        We protect the USA supply chain by not importing large containers of electronic components into the USA from high risk areas. As we know during this process much can be over looked. Upon receiving any electronic components in our facility we implement a comprehensive inspection process in which we check; shipping documents, customers purchase order, the package, labels, factory packaging, moisture protection, swab test, verify logo's, physical conditions of the parts, body markings etc, and record all findings. If a product is found to be suspect or not in new condition then we send the material to a third party test house that has a reputation of excellency, diligence, and high ethical standards. 

        See and Visit our Test Houses

        Many independent distributors have an urgency to discuss how to make this industry a better place, but when they get the chance they cut corners in the inspection processes when selling to brokers which in turn sell that material to an end user.  Perfect parts offers the same quality process to both it's OEM, CM, independent, franchise distributors, and customers. Why? Because Perfect Parts takes perfection and partnership seriously leaving no stone unturned in it's goals towards excellence, reputability, and mitigation processes.


        On-Site Verification of Products

        • Parts are Photographed and Cataloged
        • Physical Analysis of Leads and Condition
        • Shipping Labels and Documents Verified
        • Lot Code Verification 
        • Permanency Test
        • Solderability Test (JEDEC standard)


        For more information regarding our testing services please see Testing page




        At Perfect Parts we only use the most reputable and fully certified testing facilities to insure the quality of our 3rd party testing. All parts are tested to the manufacturer’s specification. A “Known Good” is used for verifying the manufacturer die and wire bonding during decapsulation and x-ray analysis. Perfect Parts makes sure our testing is independently verified to assure the quality and integrity of your supply chain. 

        Third-Party Testing

        AC, DC & Full Functional Elect Test -150°C to 200°C Temp Test Internal Visual (De-cap) OEM Date Code Verification 
        Blacktop Test Burn-in
        Die Microscopy 
        Dry Baking 
        DNA Marking 
        Electrical Functionality Testing
        External Visual Inspection Physical Dimension Marking Permanency 
        Heated Solvent Testing
        Qualification Solderability Testing
        Scanning Electron Microscopy
        XRF Analysis 

        Click test house names below to review services and company background; 

        Integra Technologies
        AAA Test Labs

        Customer Specific Tests May Also Be Requested. 

        Counterfeit Prevention and Mitigation

        Perfect Parts takes every measure needed to ensure your parts. From our select vendor selection, procurement from authorized channels, and strict testing capabilities with third-party non-incentive approved test houses. 

        What classifies as Counterfeit?

        Here Is the Newest definition which supersedes that from 2012; 

        • "Definitions of “counterfeit” and “suspect counterfeit.” The first step in formulating a counterfeit detection and prevention system is determining how to define an item as counterfeit. DODI 4140.67 defines the term “counterfeit materiel” as “an item that is an unauthorized copy or substitute that has been identified, marked, or altered by a source other than the item’s legally authorized source, and has been misrepresented to be an authorized item of the legally authorized source.” The instruction also includes a definition of “suspect counterfeit” materiel — an important concept given that steps must be taken to isolate and prevent introduction of parts that are suspected of being counterfeit even while efforts are ongoing to confirm their status as counterfeit. A suspect counterfeit item, materiel, or product is one “in which there is an indication by visual inspection, testing, or other information that it may meet the definition of counterfeit materiel.”
        • Definition of “authentic materiel.” The instruction also includes a definition of “authentic materiel,” in contrast to counterfeit materiel. Authentic materiel is “made from the proper materials using the proper processes with required testing.” Interestingly, while the definition of counterfeit materiel discusses actions taken by other than an item’s “legally authorized source,” the definition of authentic materiel says nothing about the processes needing to have been performed by an authorized source.
        • Counterfeit prevention policies encompass all parts, not just electronic parts, and include software and information technology. While Section 818 focused on counterfeit electronic parts, an area in which counterfeiting problems have been particularly acute, DOD is not limiting its counterfeit prevention policies to electronic items and, in fact, does not even single out electronic parts explicitly for heightened counterfeit prevention or detection policies. The instruction refers to policies for the prevention of “counterfeit materiel,” and “materiel,” for purposes of the instruction, includes “software” and “information and communications technology,” in addition to tangible items, such as components, sub-components, and equipment

        Vendor Management Systems

        Perfect Parts screens all of our vendors using strict guidelines based on certifications, performance, on-time deliveries, and quality history. Regular vendor audits are conducted and metrics are measured in order to maintain our level of quality and performance for our customers.You may submit a request to become a vendor. However, not all vendors are approved and many will need to be audited on-site. 

        Return Policy

        Parts are guaranteed for form, fit and function for 30 days.
        Orders are non-cancellable/non-returnable (NCNR).
        Orders are subject to a US$200 minimum.
        Quotations are subject to Re-Confirmation and prior sales.
        A test report from a reliable third party testing house is required for any RMA.

        Backorder & long lead-time delivery dates are not guaranteed and may be subject to change per manufacturer delivery dates.. If backorder dates are pushed out, the purchase order remains NCNR.

        Please Note;

        Perfect Parts reserves the right to send ANY suspect material over to a third-party test house for verification. If products are found to be counterfeit, we will ensure that the material is destroyed, documented, and that you receive a copy of these records.  Perfect Parts will not be liable for costs associated with testing, destruction, transfer, and/or material costs associated with purchase price. 

        Perfect Parts is currently looking into the following Certifications and Affiliations Programs;

        • ISO 14001:2004;  Disposal of Scrap Electronics and Related Materials in an Environmentally Safe Manner
        • CCAP -101; Certified for Counterfeit Component Avoidance
        • DLA-QSLD; Approved Supplier for the Department of Defense
        • ANSI ESD 20.20:2007Protection of Electrical and Electronic Parts
        • ITAR; International Traffic in Arms
        • AS5553A; Counterfeit Electronic Parts;. Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation and Disposition.
        • AS6081; Standard standardizes practices to: a. identify reliable sources to procure parts
        • AS6174; maximize availability of authentic materiel (made from the proper materials using the proper processes with required testing,) b. procure materiel from reliable sources, c. assure authenticity and conformance of procured materiel d. control materiel identified as counterfeit, and e. report counterfeit materiel to other potential users and government investigative authorities. 
        • MIL-STD 202; Test Method Standard, Electronic and Electrical Component Parts
        • MIL-STD 750; Test Method Standard Test Methods for Semiconductor Devices
        • OSHSAS 18001; 2007

        Copyright ? 2017 Perfect Parts Corp
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